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    We will give your dog the companion and exercise needed while you are not able to be with them at home. Sometimes dogs tend to get bored from insufficient exercise and start devolving and engaging in destructive or hyper behaviors. As the saying goes, a tired dog is a well-behaved and happy dog.

    Making sure your dog gets enough exercise each day is an effective way to prevent bad behaviors such as; “shredding a couch” or “eating your favorite pair of shoes”. And as you can guess, exercise offers the same benefits to canines as it does for people: tones muscles, helps prevent obesity, strengthens the cardiovascular system, strengthens bones, improves sleep, improves mood, provides mood-stabilizing benefits, enhances mental alertness and promotes health. Outdoor exercise also provides socialization opportunities by eliminating the stress that boarding and sleeping out, may cause.

    We can even groom & cut their nails while you are away. Dogs usually need 2-3 visits per day

    Please contact us for further advice. 

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    We are aware that being away from home can be a very frightening experience for your cats.

    That is why we believe your cats staying in the comfort of their own home while you are away will provide a pleasant, safe, and less-stressful experience for both you and them. While you are away, we bring our wealth of experience to them along with plenty of Love and Affection for you cats.

    We treat them like they were our own, providing superior care and personalized attention.

    We will bring in toys to play with & we will brush your cats & cut their nails while you are away. Cats usually need 1-2 visits per day

    Please contact us for further information or advice

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    We are able to offer full maintenance services, from a one off aquarium ‘service’ to annual contracts.

    If you don’t have the time or don't feel confident with the cleaning of your aquarium then let us do the hard work for you.

    In order to develop any tank perfectly, it must be delicately nurtured and patiently matured. Good aquarium maintenance will result in a healthy aquatic environment. Our team is dedicated to overseeing this ongoing process.

    The service allows clients to enjoy the outstanding beauty of an aquarium regardless of their busy lifestyle. Our aquarium cleaning service is tailor-made to individual clients, ensuring a continually flourishing aquarium.

    During the visits our specialists will evaluate the overall condition and appearance of the fish and other aquatic inhabitants and will perform different tests to ensure the tank’s stability. Water changes and gravel vacuuming are performed to keep a healthy environment along with the maintenance of the equipment.


    A bespoke fish tank cleaning service with 24hr emergency call out
    Livestock and dry goods supply
    Complete redesign and aquascaping of existing aquaria
    On and off-site computer monitoring of water parameters
    Aquarium removal services
    Training and education on fish tank maintenance

    Please contact us for further advice

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    Give yourself peace of mind knowing when you are away your pets will be provided with all the care, love, and attention they are accustomed to, while remaining in their familiar surroundings.

    We give your dog their daily dose of exercise and attention so that at the end of the day you can relax and enjoy your dog without feeling guilty or having to take them out again!

    We can either walk your dog around your local area or we can pick your pooches up in our safe and secure, specially modified transport with spacious cages, towels and fresh water and take them to one of our lovely walks close to your home. 

    After our walk we will bring your dog(s) home and leave them securely with fresh water, towel dried and tired out!

    Please contact us for further advice

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    We have a varied experience of care many other types and species of pet including hamsters, gerbils, snakes, lizards, turtles, fish and even amphibians and invertebrates. As fish, amphibians and invertebrates have specific need we follow your existing routines.

    Please contact us for further information or advice

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Popular Client Questions
How do I make a booking?
Firstly, complete the request a quotation on our website this will give us an outline of your requirements, from this we will arrange to visit you to find out how your pets currently live & we then can tailor our services to care for you pets
Why should I trust you?
We have been in business for over 5 years and have many outstanding reviews to show for it. We employ no external staff other than family members which are all currently pet owners and grew up in animal loving families. We are not only pet care experts but we have a proven track record of reliable and safe high quality pet care.
Are you insured?
Yes, we have all the necessary legal insurances required to operate a business & are fully insured with public liability, Goods In Transit & Damage Insurance. A copy of any of our insurances are available upon request..
Who looks after my pets?
Unlike some pet care companies who may send multiple people to care for your pet, we do not employ external staff so you will only get one primary pet care specialist who will meet you and your pet at the free consultation. We will care for your pet the entire time you are away. This allows for your dog walking walks to remain consistent
What areas do you cover?
We cover all areas around Telford .
How was the company started?
Telford Pet Sitting Services was started because of our realization of the community's demand for high quality, detail oriented, and reliable pet care at reasonable rates. Also as lifelong pet owners we fully understand the needs of humans and their beloved pets.
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Website Sitemap
Our Pricing Policy
We have a very clear simple pricing policy, we charge £10.00 for the first thirty minute visit each day & than an additional £5.00 for each additional thirty minute visit each day.
Payment for our services can be make in cash or by bank transfer
Our Services

We are a small family run pet sitting company offering a in home pet sitting service throughout Telford, Newport, Shifnal & surrounding areas.

The services advertised on our website are varied & implemented regularly, however this list of services is by no means exhaustive as our services are individually tailored to meet the needs of our clients.


I have absolutely no hesitation in recommend Telford Pet Sitting Services as a pet sitter, they have always being able to sit for me when I have to leave on business often at short notice.
I have used their services for many years & always found them professional, fair & caring.
I have no trouble with anything they do for me or my pets

Crispin Gladstone Review

I have used Telford Pet Sitting Services to pet sit my kitten Bluebell and Jo our hamster Buster for both long and short holidays and have been delighted with the service.
My pets have been well cared for and They even popped to the shops to buy pet food which I was running low on. They also brought around toys and bedding for my kitten. I am so pleased to have found out about Telford Pet Sitting Services, via word of mouth, as my kitten is much happier spending her 'holidays' at home rather than in a cattery.
A daily visit from Telford Pet Sitting Services also means there is someone there to keep an eye on the house as well as the pets. Thank you for providing such a great service

Clare Sparrow Review
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